Does your team respect the build?

Darrin Maidlow

"It's a fun team building tool that also serves a very important purpose. Broken builds slow people down, and slow scrum teams are bad :). The siren notifies us of problems and ensures they get fixed quickly!"

Travis Stevens

"The Siren has been great for getting people to respond to broken builds and has really increased our team’s awareness of broken builds."

Love Continuous Integration? Like Us:


Continuous integration only improves quality if the whole team is on board.

Make improving quality fun for even the most complacent co-workers with reputation tracking and achievements ... while brining a little light hearted competition to your project.

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Does your team conveniently ignore broken builds?

Plug in our USB siren, the blaring lights and audio will have build-breakers cowering in fear.

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Mobile Apps

Build status and rankings on the go via our free My CI service.

Online Competition

Nothing motivates like the fear of failing in front of an audience.

Compete online with an entire community of Siren of Shame users.

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