Why can't improving quality be fun?


Encourage smaller, more frequent, check-ins by gaining reputation for successful builds.

Discourage breaking the build by losing reputaiton for failing builds.

Build Awareness

At a glance get build status, time remaining, author, check-in comments.

We also support full-screen mode for throwing build info up on a dedicated monitor.


Keep your project fun by earning achievements for things like reducing build times, maintaining low failing ratios, or fixing builds quickly.

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Baseball Card Stats

Compete against yourself or your team to get the best CSB, FSB, or FP.

Christopher Couture

"Overall, I really like the software. It's fun, it's funny, and it seems to foster community within the team and maybe further."

Marus Bristol

"The team now make a concerted effort to avoid breaking the build. On the rare occasion that it does break, everyone jumps in to help get it fixed. The siren has improved both the quality of our builds as well as our team comradeship."

Monitor one or several of the following continuous integration servers