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Please submit bug reports to the issues page of our GitHub account.

We're also happy to field answers on twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus.

Or if you'd like e-mail us please send a note to support at our domain name.


Please address all death threats to:

1337 Ribnica na Pohorju
Šoštanjia, Slovenia

Good luck with all those crazy accents.


We're owned by Automated Architecture who is:

Lee Richardson

Lee Richardson

Founder, president, janitor, toilet flusher. He's responsible for all the mobile apps, the website, most of the desktop app, and any bugs in the siren's firmware. When he's not trying to piss off potential SoS customers he's either doing his full time job as a consultant or spending time with his family.

You can reach him at @lprichar.

With significant contributions from:

Joe Ferner

Without who we would have no USB siren, no USB parts of the software, no Hudson or Bamboo integration, and realistically speaking nothing else for that matter. We still blame him when anything breaks. You can reach him on twitter at @joeferner.


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